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Natural Allergy Relief

This is the season that I used to dread. I remember being in school as a kid and taking final exams with wads of tissues on my desk because I was always sneezing. The teachers always looked at my tissues to make sure I wasn’t hiding any answers in there. As I got older I discovered the wonderful drugs Seldane, and later, Claritin. These helped me function more normally and eased my symptoms, but despite the promise that they would not make me drowsy, they always made me feel a little wiped out and sleepy.

Enter Young Living! When I discovered this company 6 years ago, I was amazed at all of the possible remedies for allergies as well as many other chronic health conditions. I decided to give it a try since I was tired of feeling like a zombie throughout the entire Spring season. I started with Lavender essential oil, which is great natural anti-histamine. I started with 3 drops in a capsule twice a day. Now I just take one capsule a day with 3 drops. I also take a shot of Ning Xia Red with a drop of Lavender in it. Ning Xia Red is a fabulous, nutrient rich, super-antioxidant that is also a natural anti-histamine, among other things. When combined with Lavender oil, this creates a super anti-histamine. I have also found that my allergies are worse if my digestive system is not in prime working order. There is a major connection to the gut and allergies. In my research, I discovered that if the gut is in good shape, my allergy symptoms are greatly reduced. So to help things along, a Probiotic helps to flush the colon to rid the body of toxins. I take one Life 5 capsule each night before I go to bed and it definitely helps start the morning off right with a nice elimination, if you know what I mean!

Lastly, if my eyes are really itchy, I will take some Tranquil roll on and apply it in a big circle around my eyes. Tranquil contains Lavender and Roman chamomile, which are both anti-itch and anti-histamines.

So, to summarize, here is my protocol for seasonal allergies:
3-5 drops lavender one to 2X/day in a capsule
One to Two ounces per day of Ning Xia Red with a drop of lavender in it
Life 5 probiotic- one capsule every night
Tranquil Roll on around the eyes if needed to alleviate itchiness

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