ZYTO Compass Scans now available!

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Wondering what doTERRA essential oils and supplements are best for you? Stop guessing and get a ZYTO Compass Scan!

 With all the different essential oil and nutritional supplements available, do you ever find it difficult to keep track of which ones to take?  Do you fumble with product literature or reference books trying to figure out what plan would be best for you? Do you at times just take a guess based upon the symptoms you are having?

The Zyto compass has a simple matching program to the electrical charges in your body , that will show what “best” matches for you.  It reads 76 markers/questions and your body responds through bio communication. A report is generated that shows the biological preferences your body has and helps guide your nutritional decisions. I will analyze and interpret your report, giving you some insight into the recommendations.

If you are interested in taking charge of your health and would like to experience the Zyto Compass technology reach out to me today for an appointment.  It’s your first step to a healthier you! You may book your appointment on line:  http://lorinda-walker.genbook.com

Fees: $25 for non-dōTERRA members,  credited  with any Enrollment Kit purchase. $20 per person for members,  $15 each for groups of 4 or more, $10 for members of my downline. If you are interested in purchasing a machine, they are $400 with a $40 monthly subscription for the software. I will provide a $50 rebate to anyone signing under my Zyto link. https://www.ZYTOCompass.com/af/lwalker

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Take the guesswork out of oil and supplement usage

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