Lorinda Walker

Licensed Massage Therapist & Essential Oil Consultant

Lorinda Walker completed her massage training in 1995 at the Healing Hands Institute of Westwood, NJ. She has been a Professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association for many years, and holds a New York State License in Massage Therapy. Her areas of expertise include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Geriatric, Active Myofascial Therapy,Thermal Palms, AromaTouch and Raindrop Technique. She is also well-known as the area’s top Raindrop Therapist. Lorinda has found that only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils such as doTERRA and Young Living provide the maximum therapeutic benefit to her clients and uses essential oils from both companies during every treatment.

Lorinda shares her broad knowledge base of essential oils by frequently holding workshops where others may learn. This allows Lorinda to offer the benefit of her professional experience to those seeking natural health alternatives. As a leading Raindrop Specialist, she has facilitated many Raindrop sessions where clients have felt immediate pain relief from chronic health conditions such as MS, pinched nerves, back pain, and stress accumulation. Whether you are seeking advice on natural healthcare or to relieve the accumulating stress of your life, you will be treated with Lorinda’s expert compassion.