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Pain Relief

… Although I understand that Raindrop is a different experience for everyone, I feel that the aura and just the general sense of well being you feel before, during and after Raindrop is something that you will not find anywhere else.

Lorinda takes you through the whole experience with care and concern. She briefed me prior to the massage with respects to what my expectations were and what I could expect from the Raindrop technique. She makes sure you are well hydrated and comfortable through the entire session… and her loving touch and compassion shine through! She is just good at what she does.

My Raindrop session was about 2-3 weeks after I started feeling the pain and although I was a bit discouraged that I still felt the pain after the session, two days later I was pain free, not only in my neck and head but my knees felt better, I did not have chest pain every day and I have been breathing better! I would definitely recommend Raindrop to anyone, even if you do not have any physical or mental ailments. It is just good. Now look in the mirror and say “I deserve this! I am worth it!” Then get going!!!

Pain Relief

I have been through two Raindrop Therapies in the past month. After the first one my constant pain in my neck has subsided and NOT returned. The neuropathy in my left foot has been substantially helped and my lower back pain has been subsiding. The pain in my lower back was so severe that I used to need to rock back and forth when standing to ease the pain. After the two Raindrop sessions, the rocking motion I usually have when standing has all but disappeared. I strongly recommend this therapy.


Earlobe Cyst

After Essential Oils

My Dad (age 70) has had a cyst on his earlobe for many years. It has been growing larger and he was willing to explore the use of some oils to remedy it, rather than have it surgically removed.

I made him a roll on, consisting of Frankincense, Helichrysum and Cypress. He applied this twice a day.

He reported that the cyst burst 3 times over the course of 2 months and is now almost completely gone. Needless to say, he was thrilled with the result, and very happy that he did not need to have the Cyst surgically removed.



The raindrop treatment I had with Lorinda was just an amazing experience! I could feel my body releasing the toxins…I can’t wait to go get my next one. I would recommend it to anyone who desires to not just feel better, physically, but also emotionally.

Mood Elevating

I have more energy and feel very uplifted and positive now!

During the treatment at the end when the warm towels were on my back and you were just holding your hands on my back I felt like my back was moving ….but I wasn’t physically moving myself. Then last night I had a “cool aid” smile on the entire night that my boyfriend kept asking me “why do you keep smiling, what is so funny” Today I am at work ( I told everyone about the raindrop I had) … I started hysterically laughing so hard I started to cry , like can’t breathe laughing for about 20 min to half an hour non stop for no certain reason. Everyone was like what are you on?!? I said the oils! Everyone started to laugh as well and I think all of the girls at work felt better too. Today was a really great day at work . I am the happiest I have been in a really long time. It feels so good to have a good laugh! Also my back feels better not as tense and I do notice I am standing up much straighter. Thank you for everything and I will definitely be seeing you again soon!


Thank you so much for Thursday’s treatment! It was a wonderful
experience for her!! She is really excited about the oils and asks to
have them applied to her feet. She feels great! We are hoping that you may be available to do another raindrop this
week. Please let me know what you think. Thank you!!

Lyme’s Disease

OMG Lorinda! That was the best Raindrop I have ever had and I will come back to you again and again. I think I was dozing off a couple of times. I have been calling it my spa treatment and talking it up. I will spread the word! It truly felt like an amazing spa treatment! I am a bit sore in the upper back area, emptied some stuff out of my school bags and trying to drink more water. My gums felt like I wanted to rip them out last night -…little of that sensation today as well, also that’s where some of my tension has been with clenching lately. Everything else status quo for now. Feels like everything is settling and that my nervous system can easily be rocked still, but that I have to keep breathing and not allow myself to go back to the revved up stress place that I have been in for weeks. Trying to take it one step at a time. I will keep you posted on any further developments! Thank you again for everything!!!


The Raindrop Technique massage is quite unique in both its application and after-effects. Although I receive regular massages, I had been through an emotionally trying time and decided a Raindrop Technique massage would alleviate any lingering stress and bring my body back to a harmonious state. Differing from other massages, the Raindrop massage focused largely on applications of oils to the feet. Due to the potency of the oils, I could taste the Wintergreen in my mouth, and this was a pleasant surprise.

My face broke out as my body went through an entire detoxification after the massage. I have had many extremely positive residual results including totally clear skin, a feeling of my spine being lengthened, and a great reduction in my stress.

This was truly the most relaxing of any massages I have had. Although I did not fall asleep, I felt a total calming and comfort from the scents of the oils and the warmth derived from the massage itself and then the hot towels. I was measured prior to the massage and then again afterwards. To my utter amazement, I grew an inch! As a petite person, I was thrilled with the results!

Lorinda’s great knowledge of therapeutic oils and her wonderful massage technique made this an experience I am looking forward to repeating!