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My journey into essential oilsLake George 7 17 15

Like many of you, I have been on a journey with my health. I have spent many years feeling sick and tired and decided that feeling that way wasn’t working for me anymore. I also wanted to feel like I was making a real difference in making others feel better too, which led me to pursue my education in Massage Therapy in 1995. Massage helped me manage my stress levels, improve circulation, alleviate a painful chronic neck pain condition and just feel better. I knew that I could help others in the same way that I had been helped.

In 2006, I was introduced to therapeutic grade essential oils and it was at that point that my health truly improved and I saw many issues that had bothered me for years, finally begin to fade away. Seasonal allergies, depression & anxiety, chronic colds and bronchitis, hormonal imbalances, and back & neck pain are just some of the issues I resolved for myself using the essential oils. Once I started seeing these amazing results for myself, I started to share the oils with my friends and family. My children were 2 and 6 when I began using the oils on them. They were prone to constant respiratory infections due to the preschool environment, where germs are spread so easily among the little ones. Thanks to essential oils, my children have not missed a single day of school due to illness! Do they get sick? Sure, sometimes they do. When they come home from school with that glassy-eyed look, or they start sneezing or coughing, they get On Guard on the bottoms of their feet right away. I put On Guard or Eucalyptus in the diffuser, continue to apply antiviral oils like Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, and Thyme to the bottom of the feet every hour, and the next morning when they awaken they are always markedly better. Usually, the oils will ward off the illness entirely, and sometimes, it will just resolve the illness very quickly.

Lorinda on KTU Cares
Lorinda’s interview with Cindy Vero on KTU Cares

After all of the wonderful experiences I have had with the oils, how could I not share them with others? Like any good friend would tell you about the amazing new restaurant that just opened up, I’m the friend that will share with you the best kept secret in healthcare. I’m happy to share the secret with you too. Contact me for a free consultation. I’m happy to help you put together the best oils and products for your needs. Are you looking for a business opportunity? I will mentor you and help you create a fabulous home based business where you can make enough money to pay for your own products and much, much more. Whichever way you choose to approach it, there is something in it for everyone.

The First Step Towards Better Health

Take the first step now towards better health for you and your family. You deserve to make an investment in yourself. I am committed to being there for you on your journey, and helping to support you in achieving the heath you deserve. Whether it’s massage therapy, AromaTouch, Raindrop Technique, or doTERRA Essential Oils, you will feel more energy, less stress and a vibrancy that will put a smile on your face. Contact me at 201-314-0561 and let me know how I may help you.